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Sen. Schumer & Senate Democrats: Pass a clean DACA Act or no spending bill! #DACAorNada

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Senator Schumer,

Your recent move to take Trump’s wall off the negotiation table is a promising indicator of your commitment to DREAMers, but that alone is not enough.

We call for, under your leadership, a pledge to be absolutely uncompromising in terms of negotiations on President Trump’s demands for a wall and end to the family reunification program.

We call for a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants.

We also call for a renewed commitment from congressional Democrats to listen to and represent the voices of the American people, who overwhelmingly support protecting DREAMers. We firmly say #DACAorNADA when it comes to any new proposal regarding a spending bill.

We call for a clear rejection of a Republican agenda rooted in xenophobia. By supporting DACA, we live up to the founding ideals of an America that welcomes and protects the most vulnerable, and opens its arms to those who seek refuge and opportunity within our borders. We cannot overstate how crucial it is, now more than ever, to stand up and pass this moral test for our nation. Generations to come will feel the impacts of where Democrats stood during this crucial moment in American history.

We applaud your recent move to eliminate the wall as part of any deal-- a wall which will have unprecedented humanitarian, economic and environmental impacts, and serve as an absolute contradiction to the true American monument to the world, Lady Liberty, whose torch shines brightly just miles from your own home.

Again, we call for an explicit vow from you, and all Democratic leaders, to serve in the interests of the American people by rejecting any spending bill that includes policy that attack immigrants including the wall and any other xenophobic or reactionary restrictions to immigration. We demand a clean DACA act.

The American People and the world will never forget those responsible if we, as a nation, use an imposing, morally outrageous barrier as a bargaining chip for the security and safety of human beings. We cannot, and will not succumb to the pushing of a reactionary agenda by a minority of racists who have unfortunately and temporarily seized the White House.

We look forward to the future, including the 2018 Midterm elections, with the hope that you will stand firm in knowing the Young Progressives of America supports Congressional commitment toward achieving justice for DREAMers at this pivotal moment.

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