Save Frank The Custodian - #SaveFrank

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Frank is a custodian at Sanford Middle School in Sanford, Florida. Each and every day of the week, Frank cleans the school, making sure everything is as clean as can be, and all the while bringing smiles to the faces of students and teachers alike. To these students and teachers, Frank has become widely loved and appreciated member of the school faculty. Whether it be through his lighthearted and often comedic stories and advice or his custodial duties, it is easy for anyone to appreciate him and his work.

Recently however, due to measures being taken by school administration, Frank's work contract has not been renewed for another year at the school. This leaves Frank unable to secure his job for next year despite efforts made by himself.

The students of the school have responded, and are now working actively to help Frank keep his job and stay at Sanford Middle, bringing more smiles and more assistance whenever needed. We ask that you sign this petition to help Frank. Let's #SaveFrank.

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