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Please, Reverse the Selmer ban on breed specific dogs such as Pit Bulls.

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All dogs, regardless of breed, should be judged by their individual actions, and not banned because of what breed they are. For example, Pit Bull (Staffordshire Terriers), Rotweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers, American Bulldogs, etc. In the majority of cases, it is the person who trains the dogs ' fault for bad behavior and not the breed of dog!

This is despite studies finding that bans on certain dog breeds do not reduce dog bites. Instead, it leads to shelters becoming overcrowded with gentle and innocent dogs who face being put down through no fault of their own, simply because they belong to a red-listed breed.

Legally, pets are considered to be the property of their owner. Taking that property away, or killing it, is a violation of our 14th Amendment right to liberty, property and to due process of law. Currently the ASPCA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Humane Society of the US, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Kennel Club are openly opposed to BSL in all capacities. They are the experts. We should trust their judgment.

Now, I totally understand that dogs in the Pit Bull family is at NUMBER 1.

I feel it is because Communities like ours just does the easiest thing and just makes a law. When everyone pushes those dogs away it makes more trouble for Shelters, Rescues, and others who are trying save there lives. I have owned and trained Pit bulls. Does anyone think on why the dogs bite and has it ever been a consideration that it was caused?

#1 - Pit Bull*
Attacks doing bodily harm: 3,397
Deaths: 295

#2 - Rottweiler
Attacks doing bodily harm: 535
Deaths: 85
One factor that could explain why Rottweilers appear so incredibly high in harmful attack statistics is the breed’s sheer strength and popularity among dog owners. As Clifton puts it, since they are so powerful, they are “capable of doing a great deal of damage in cases where bites by other breeds might be relatively harmless.

#3 - German Shepherd
Attacks doing bodily harm: 113
Deaths: 15
According to the report, “Because German shepherds often use the guiding nip and the grab-and-drag with children, who sometimes misread the dogs’ intentions and pull away in panic, they are involved in biting incidents at almost twice the rate that their numbers alone would predict.” This sort of nip and protective grab-and-drag are common traits among herding dogs

#4 - Siberian Husky
Attacks doing bodily harm: 83
Deaths: 26
Huskies are a common pet throughout America

#5 - Akita
Attacks doing bodily harm: 70
Deaths: 8
Akitas have a similar attack pattern to sled-pulling “Northern breeds” such as Huskies, though in the case of the latter breed, some of the attacks are deemed assaults by feral animals. Akita attacks have, however, mostly occurred in home situations.

#6 - Boxer
Attacks doing bodily harm: 64
Deaths: 7
Boxers are known for having very strong jaws, so their powerful bites can also be harmful to humans.

#7 - Chow Chow
Attacks doing bodily harm: 61
Deaths: 8
Chows are descendants of ancient Arctic wolf-like dogs, so some have exhibited the same aggressiveness as other Northern breeds, such as Huskies and Akitas.

#8 - Labrador Retriever
Attacks doing bodily harm: 56
Deaths: 3

Breed specific ordinances are quick fixes and not a sufficient long term solution for the following reasons:

1. Dog problems are generally problems with owner responsibility and are not limited to breeds. When breeds are singled out as dangerous or vicious, responsibility is removed from the dog owner which is where it belongs. Irresponsible people are also less likely to follow the law - and as a result, everyone has to suffer.

2. By limiting the ability of citizens to own certain breeds, responsible law abiding citizens will shy away from those breeds. These are the types of owners that communities need to encourage, not drive away.

3. Communities that have instituted such bans often find that the irresponsible owners and the criminals who use dogs for illegal purposes simply switch to another breed.

4. Breeds and mixes are hard to identify and often dogs are mis labeled and destroyed based on paranioa and prejudice and also punishes those that are good canine citizens. Many breeds function as assistance dogs for handicapped owners, search and rescue dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, police dogs, etc. and drives them out of the community.

The American Veterinary Medical Association and several state veterinary medical associations oppose breed-specific legislation for just this reason.

5. The dog most restricted is the "pit bull." A pit bull is a type of dog, not a recognized breed. See the breed information page for more detail.

6. Passage of laws that are only enforced through complaints cause two problems: 1) they create disrespect for the law if authorities require compliance only upon complaint, and 2) they provide ammunition for neighborhood feuds.

Suggested alternatives to breed bans include:

1. Stronger enforcement of existing dangerous dog laws. If they are not already in place, lobby for protection from untrained and unsupervised dogs of any breed or mix. This is a broad-based effort that protects all citizens as any dog can bite and be a nuisance when owned by an irresponsible owner. Those who would deliberately train a dog to act aggressively towards people or other animals, or to use dogs in the commission of a felony or misdemeanor should face additional penalties.

2. Encourage local animal rescue and welfare agencies to provide responsible dog ownership seminars and canine safety education. The American Kennel Club has a free education program created for elementary school children.

3. Protect the rights of all citizens with nuisance ordinances such as anti-barking, pooper scooper regulations and leash laws.

Forcing owners to abandon their beloved pets will not solve any issues, and will instead increase overpopulation in shelters. Please reverse the absurd decision to outlaw pit bulls and implement efficient measures of fighting irresponsible pet ownership and animal abuse instead.

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