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Remove 13 Reasons Why from Netflix

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As a teenager battling mental illness every day, I wish for this show to be taken down. 13 Reasons Why is a TV show that profits from mental illness. It is an adaption of a book about a teen girl who commits suicide. She leaves behind reasons why she did it which involved putting the blame on 13 other people; those people become suicidal themselves.
After finishing the series, I became depressed and was suicidal for the first time in a year. This show was a trigger. Yes, I will take responsibility that I watched this on my free will. The difference is that I am taking action. This show makes teenagers believe that no one out there will help. In the end, the first series it becomes evident that the school counselor knew all along what the main character was feeling but, did not take action. Is that the message we want to send to our nation's teens, that they are alone?
The most disturbing part of this series was the graphic content. There were warnings at the beginning of the episode, and the viewers know the series description. Though, I cannot fathom any reason why a TV show would need to air two different teenagers getting raped and a girl slitting her wrists. Just like for me, seeing this may be a trigger to any other person who is having the same feelings. Would Netflix take responsibility for someone killing themselves unlike what the school does in the show?
Instead of making a quick buck off someone else's illness, help should be sent out to those in need. The creator of the show herself said "I wanted it to feel like anyone can see themselves in this" -Selena Gomez to MTV. That is the problem; the series ends with a girl who commits suicide; does that mean Gomez expects everyone to do the same? If the show cannot be taken down, then I ask Gomez and the cast to go out of their way to educate themselves on mental illness. I would also like them to go into the community and help those suffering, maybe even work a suicide hotline. I am sick and tired of mental illness being put on display yet; no change is happening.
I find it appalling that mental illness is being sold back to teenagers as shows and movies because they can find it "relatable." Everyone involved in the making of the book and series needs to realize the implications it has on their audience. We as a whole need to take action to help people understand suicide is never an option. We are loosing more and more people to suicide every day, and something needs to change. I am speaking up for all other people trying to manage their mental illness every day. Instead of making shows and movies which end in them killing themselves, we need to show our teens that they are not alone and they can get help.

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