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I'm usually not one for reboots of anything, they rarely turn out the way we want and often times miss what made the originals so special in the first place.  But I think that enough time has passed for a reboot of this show in particular.  I'm not saying it should follow the comics or the games, I would rather it be it's own seperate universe which would allow more creative freedom without having to worry about clashing continuities with any other Sonic franchise.  Already we have a tv series in the form of Sonic Boom which at the time of writing this petition has entered it's second season.  But the show's premise is very lay back and focused more on comedy.  It would be nice to have a story driven series if not to replace it then to show along side it, like a hour of Sonic every saturday or something.  One episode will be for Sonic Boom fans, the other will be for the Sonic fans craving something more serious.  Since Sonic Boom is only airing one new short and a rerun every episode, why not trade the rerun episode for a new episode of another Sonic?   An example of this would be Dexter's Lab.  It wasn't just shorts of Dexter and DeeDee, there were other cartoons too like Justice Friends and Dial M for Monkey.  make each Sonic SatAM short 11 minutes long and have them connect, one after another to tell a bigger story.  Kind of like old Batman or Buck Rogers episodes.  See if the kids today like it, then go for longer episodes and maybe have it be it's own thing.  It would be fresh and exciting to see what sort of adventures the Freedom Fighters would have in a new show.   As for the cliffhanger of the original series, yeah that left alot of questions unanswered, and it might be smart to continue from there.  That would definetely get viewers attention.  Sort of like how Samurai Jack is continuing from where it left off for one final season.  But after that you could tell new stories with the same characters, especially now that Tails is old enough to truly be part of the team.  We as fans care about these characters and stories.  I know that someone at SEGA must be listening, otherwise Sonic Mania would never have happened.   It's been 25 years since Sonic The Hedgehog spinned his way into our hearts and we think that his tv shows should also pay omage to his roots, not just his games.  Please, SEGA.  Also it would be pretty way past cool to see some merchandise of the show.  You know, toys, t-shirts, ect.  I relize that alot of trouble with copyright is going on at Archie with the rights to alot of characters and stories in the comic books, but I'm talking only about the old saturday morning cartoon here, which really is it's own thing.  Trust me, we don't need that kind of drama anyway.  Just use the show and work from there, create new characters and stories and build it up into it's own continuity. (maybe a game too?  I mean Sonic Boom has 3!)  Also it needs to be taken seriously, not super dark and overly edgy like Shadow The Hedgehog, but not overly light hearted and cartoony either like Sonic Boom.  SatAM should focus on everything that makes Sonic cool.  Call it season 3 or just The Freedom Fighters, it doesn't matter.  Just make Sonic cool again.

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