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Puyo Puyo Localization

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So many people love *Puyo Puyo, and so many more could love it if all games were localized. This petition is to localize all (or at least most) Puyo Puyo games on newer consoles (Switch, Xbox, Playstation, 3ds, PC), thus bringing new fans to the series, and gaining Sega more fame. It's a win-win! Granted it would be a lot of work, but the Puyo Nexus has already translated a number of Puyo Puyo games, all that would be left is porting and voice acting! Many people love Puyo Puyo, so please help this cause!



*Puyo Puyo is a Japanese puzzle game, similar to Tetris, with a 12x6 board. The goal is to connect 4 of the same colored blobs, thus popping them. Puyos will fall in pairs, normally of 2 different colors. The goal is to pop 4 or more, which cause 4 or more to pop, which cause 4 or more to pop, and so on, creating a chain. You have an opponent that is trying to achieve the same thing, and the first person whose board fills up loses. Whenever someone creates a chain, they send garbage puyos to the opponent, thus screwing up their chain. Garbage will not pop by normal means, as you have to pop  puyos adjacent to it for the garbage to pop. 

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