Have Sega recognize Eggette as a canon character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

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Eggette is a fan character made by Twitter user @blackbookalpha based on the upside-down Eggman sprite from the Spider Boss of Flying Battery Act 2 in Sonic Mania. Learn more here: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2017/09/meet-omelette-sonic-manias-accidental-new-boss-character/

The Sonic the Hedgehog universe has for a long time now depicted Eggman as a ridiculous semi-ruthless dictator but has only toyed at best with him having family in the form of robots or his scummy relationship with Snively in the comics. Now we have a chance to not only improve Eggman's development as a character, but further solidify the connection between Sega and the fanbase. Sonic Mania is a love letter to Sonic fans by Sonic fans -would it not be perfect for this love letter to contain the added bonus, the icing on the cake, in the form of a fan character made canon? Eggette would not only symbolize the bond between Sega and Sega fans, but from a design standpoint is a fantastic concept both in personality and in looks. On top of this, she's a walking optical illusion who looks like Eggman when turned upside down which would be an incredibly unique basis for a new character. Sonic the Hedgehog's universe is additionally known for being dominated by male characters and from a creative standpoint, it would be a more enjoyable balance to have a new permanent female character not built around swooning over Sonic. While Sonic Boom and Sonic comics have done this well, the mainline Sonic video games still lack a keystone long-lasting female character, let alone one on Eggman's side. This would be a perfect opportunity to develop Eggman's character, improve Sega's relationship with its fanbase, further build Sonic Mania's positive reputation, add a new long-lasting character to forever change the Sonic universe, and add an incredibly unique new female perspective to a typically male-dominated franchise (excluding Sonic Boom and the Sonic comics). For these many heartfelt reasons, it can only be concluded that the best action for Sega employees and for all Sonic fans is to encourage Sega to make Eggette canon.