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Add Blonic, Blails, Bluckles, and Dr. Eggmad to Next Sonic Game


Let’s face it; Sonic is getting a bit bland. If the next Sonic game is going to be a hit, you will need to gain support from Ukinojoe and have Blonic and friends in the next game. This will reach out to thousands of people who are fans of Blonic, and it'll attract a different fan base to your games. Please Sega; this will be the step of improvement. All of your older fans who were fans during the early days of Sonic are leaving. It's time for change. All we are asking for is the addition of four characters. In the long run it'll help you out.

Update #1
Someone has just contacted me with a statement that I didn't think about. "If this happens, wouldn't they lose their originality?" This could happen and we don't want that. So I found a way around this. When they star in the game, Ukinojoe gets to keep the rights. If he doesn't keep the rights, then the characters will no longer be original characters and they would be pointless. So please Sega use the idea but keep the rights to Ukinojoe. The same person also questioned "How can Bluckles and Knuckles be in the same game when Bluckles is Knuckles trapped in the real world?" Easy. Bluckles is Knuckles from the future who got turned into a human by Dr. Eggman and got sent into the present (the past for him) and into the real world. He was so depressed missing everything in the Sonic world that he pretended to be an original character and made a costume to fit the character. They can explain this with a backstory type cut scene. Sega you have done great things in the past so please do this. Your fans will love you for this.

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