Please Help Free An Innocent Man: Paul Cortez

Please Help Free An Innocent Man: Paul Cortez

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Ivette Gardner started this petition to Secretary of State Rossana Rosado, District Attorney William J. Fitzpatrick, Governor Andrew Cuomo

Imagine your baby boy; you wish for him health, happiness and all that you never had. He turns out to be the young man that you dreamed him to be: smart, hardworking and kind. Then because of association he is wrongfully accused of murder and is now serving a sentence of 25 years to life.

There are over 2.3 million individuals incarcerated throughout the United States, multiple studies have the wrongful incarcerated rate between 2 and 5 percent. At 1 percent over 23,000 individuals are in prison for crimes they never committed. The devastation of these lives and those of their families can never be made whole but here I am asking you to help my family be whole again with Paul’s release.

At the very least, Paul Cortez is deserving of clemency. Despite being a prisoner, my son chooses to be a light in an otherwise dark place. During Paul’s incarceration he has:

1.      Counseled many men in prison, helping them out of additive behaviors, violent acts, depression, familial & relationship issues, spiritual conflicts & suicidal thoughts.

2.      Taught men health & fitness in prison in order to help them with their physical wellness. Paul was a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine [NASM] personal trainer when he was free.

3.      Taught prisoners Yoga in order to help with their mental health, stress levels & flexibility.

4.      Learned to play guitar in prison after having only a rudimentary knowledge of the instrument when free.

5.      Started a music ministry in Auburn’s State Prison’s Catholic Church.

6.      Created over 100 songs about God and love.

7.      Self-taught painting with acrylic paints.

8.      Completed DOCCS vocational program in Auburn: Food Service Training.

9.      Self-taught Biblical Hebrew (through books). Paul can read Biblical Hebrew with some assistance of a Hebrew-English dictionary.

10.   Has performed, directed, composed & arranged music for Green Haven’s Correctional Facility Catholic Chapel (St. Paul’s) every week.

11.   Arranged, directed & performed music for St. Paul’s 50th Jubilee Anniversary before Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the main celebrant.

12.   Musical director to Green Haven’s Latin Jazz band, “Jazón” (Jazz with a little sazón flavor).

13.   Writings featured in Dr. Rev Ferry’s book, “Insights from the Inside” (page 40).

14.   Developed a Christian Yoga system which will afford all Christians a place to practice Yoga without the idolatry. Currently writing a book which will expound on the purpose, meaning & practice of Christina Yoga.

15.   Won Gold Prize for the “Capitalizing on Justice” art exhibition which was featured in the Guardian article by Caleb Gayle.

16.   Completed Alternative to Violence Program for both Basic & Advanced studies; currently working to become an AVP teacher.

17.   Currently enrolled in the Exodus Program.

18.   Won an Honorable Mention Editor’s Pick for artistic excellence in Yard Out Newspaper’s 2018 annual art contest.

19.   Paul continues to fight for prison reform & prisoners rights while fighting to prove his innocence.

Should it so move you to help Paul please sign this petition and share this on your social media page. Also, please sign Paul’s petition for the new Merit Time Bill [noted above].

The fight for freedom has been long, arduous and horribly expensive. If it is within your means to make a small contribution towards Paul’s legal expenses please visit: and contribute what you can.

Thank you & bless you for taking the time to read this and taking whatever action you can for Paul.

Forever Paul’s Mom

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!