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Save the Sea Turtles!

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Sea turtles. They are the birds of the aquatic world. Although they are graceful and beautiful creatures, their importance to our aquatic and terrestrial world is often overlooked and even forgotten. 

Even though sea turtles may not realize it themselves, they are of major value to our ecological, economical, and cultural systems.

Sea turtles play a critical role in the nutrient cycle between the ocean and land. They move organic compounds from where they feed in the ocean to beach areas that are often nutrient-poor. This supports the growth of other plants and animals in these areas. 

Sea turtles also help maintain the marine food web. They eat sponges, sea creatures that compete competitively with slow-growing coral, off of coral reefs, which helps the reef stay healthy and flourish. They also graze on seagrass beds increasing the nutrient content and productivity of the beds. Many species, such as various species of fish and crustaceans, depend on these particular nutrients to survive. 

Sea turtles also eat a large amount of jellyfish. Jellyfish feed on fish larvae and if they were to multiply exponentially or "bloom" they would out-compete small fish for limited food resources and this could eventually go all the way to the top of the food chain affecting large predators like sharks and tuna. 

Sea turtles are also a great resource for our economic system. Many people find them to be fascinating and are a popular attraction for eco-tours and conservation-focused volunteerism. This brings in a large amount of revenue for coastal resorts, tour operators, dive shops, and the countries and regions in general that offer these kinds of attractions. 

As if having ecological and economic impacts aren't enough, sea turtles also carry a cultural impact. They are central figures in the heritage and folklore of many cultures around the world. Many see them as sacred creatures, symbols of positive attributes, and are even worshipped by some as an incarnation of gods. 

The future of our world depends on everyone pitching in to help save these vital and essential animals. I want the coming generations to be able to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and be able to see first-hand the amazing ways they contribute to our world. It is time to use our awesome power as human beings to help secure the future of these voiceless animals.

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