Tougher Sentences for Child Neglect & Cruelty - #justiceforbear

Tougher Sentences for Child Neglect & Cruelty - #justiceforbear

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In February this year Tony Smith & Jody Simpson were found guilty of "Causing or Allowing Serious Harm to a Child & Child Cruelty".  They were sentenced to the maximum of 10 years for "causing or allowing serious harm to a child" & 5 years for Child neglect to run concurrent.  If baby Tony had died for which he was seconds away from dying when they finally seeked medical help, the maximum would have been increased to 14 years.

Baby Tony at 41 days old was admitted to hospital with multiple fractures of all his limbs, dislocations of various joints, blunt trauma to his face and multiple other injuries.  He had been left anything upto 10 days before he was taken to the doctors in an unresponsive state.  By this time his poor body had given up to the injuries and he developed Sepsis, toxic shock and multi organ failure.  He was on the brink of death and if it wasn't for the amazing NHS working so quickly and tirelessly on him for the next 3 months he would not have survived.  Sadly last year due to the injuries and infection he had to have both his legs amputated and will still need multiple operations going forward for the rest of his life.  He is also deaf in one ear, but he is a happy 3 year old that loves life.

The reason for this petition is not to change the sentence already given to the above but for Parliament to raise the threshold of maximum sentences for future cases.  These children need more protection and justice for them.  Sadly too many are just a statistics and fall through the net and who will fight for them?

I believe baby Tony is here for a reason, he fought so hard for those first few months of his life and now we all need to fight to change the outcomes of other cases.