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Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport: STOP victimising Millwall FC & put an END to hooligans headlining in sport

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Millwall brought an estimated 32,000 support with them to yesterday’s FA Cup Semi Final play off tie with Wigan. During the second half, a fight kicked off between two Millwall supporters. According to the Guardian, this resulted in “14 people being arrested (12 Millwall fans and two Wigan fans), including six for affray”. However, The Sun Newspaper earlier reported that up to 30 Millwall fans were fighting with yet another sensationalist headline of “scum”. The irony, that is, The Sun Newspaper calling Sun readers scum. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in my honest opinion. 

However, lets get to the nitty gritty of it all.

32,000 (attendance) / 30 (Maximum amount of those causing trouble) = 0.094.

That is, 0.094% of Millwall supporters that were alleged to have been causing trouble that day. So why is it that 99.906% of the Millwall fans that attended that day, who were on their best behavior, and Millwall Football Club, who opposed such violence, are blamed for the irresponsible actions of a spec of dust minority? I do not understand why and where all the hate for the club comes from?

Let’s take a look at last years statistics from the Home Office:

Even if we compare the Premiership to football leagues, there is a huge difference in trouble on a whole

There are, by far, worse teams out there than Millwall, and yet time and time again the club and its supporters are targeted and ostracized. It wasn’t long ago the media pointed out one individual in the Millwall stands spouting out racist remarks and it made all the headlines but yet when you look at the Racist or Indecent Chanting section in the table above, hardly a mention in the news of anything from the Premiership. Millwall has been a club that has always been community focused. They run events and training sessions for young children and its supporter’s club have put together many charity fundraising events for victims of crime as well as their hard driven efforts to ‘kick racism out of football’.

No wonder why they think everyone hates them when they are continuously targeted all the time. Millwall is a club that promotes the community, individuals and unity. They have good core values and for all the negative comments against the club and its supporters on a whole, well, the people saying such things are just ignorant and the last time I checked, it was ignorance that breeds hate!

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