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Tips Are For Workers. Stop the Trump Department of Labor from legalizing tip theft.

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Tips are for Workers - Stop the Department of Labor from legalizing tip theft.

Following a recent circuit court ruling, the Department of Labor has proposed changes in federal guidelines for tips and wages that will allow companies to keep the tips that the public gives to workers.

Sign this petition and get involved with the campaign to stop this robbery.

What’s the Law?

The Fair Labor Standards Act allows employers to pay tipped employees as little as $2.13/hr. so long as tips bring this wage up to the federal minimum of $7.25. Under this less than ideal current arrangement, employers have no legal claim to your tips: they belong to YOU.

This Proposal:

However, the proposed plan to repeal these restrictions would mean that, so long as an employer pays the federal minimum hourly wage, any tips you get on top of that legally belong to them. This means employers would be under no obligation to distribute tip money, and you would not necessarily see any of it.

Why This Proposal is Bad:

If this proposal (backed by the Trump Administration and the National Restaurant Association) goes through, then employers can merely pay service industry workers the minimum wage. This arrangement would not mean that workers would get tips in addition to minimum wage. Tips would belong to the owners, who would be able to do with them what they want. There are also no provisions for transparency that would allow workers to see their tip earnings and how they were distributed. A company could tell employees that employees get to keep their tips and then proceed to steal any portion of those tips and the employees would have no legal recourse. These new guidelines are a blank check to bad bosses.

What Can We Do?

We can contact US Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta and urge him not to go forward with this proposal ( If you live or work in the Baltimore area, you can also stand with our local Baltimore service employees by contacting the Service Workers Alliance (, or on the national level, take action with the Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC)

Contact your local Baltimore organizers at:

Service Workers Alliance

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