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People of all faiths have lived peacefully in India for more than One Thousand years. Even under the British rule all communities were living peacefully and infact fought for the Freedom of India unitedly. There is a huge body of literature and historical books to support this and I need not waste time on writing anything in support of this fact. 

For their own petty reasons the British rulers and also the Indian Political class at that time perpetrated this crime of dividing this great Country on the lines and basis of Religion. This idea is Bizarre in the least and had no precedent  in the history of world at that time and even after that,till date, no other nation has been formed or divided on the basis of religion.

In order to regain our glory and to correct this Blunder committed on us by our ancestors, we the people of this undivided Indian subcontinent should get together and sign this petition in tens of millions and impress upon our political leaders as well as to the world body the importance and necessity of this step.

This step was always desired and is more so in present times as the issues which arose with the process of partition have not died down with time but have assumed gigantic proportions.This has resulted in so much surge of violence and strife in our people and society consuming innumerable lives and drain in our precious human and natural resources . 

By correcting this mistake , in one swell stroke we will be erasing the very cause of all the wars which have taken place in this region in last seventy years. If the entire India is put together who will fight for the Kashmir , who will fight for Sindh and who will ask for separation of any state whatsoever.

The colossal amount of money presently being wasted on Arms buildup in this subcontinent will then be used for uplifting our economy. Our country will again be the world leader that it has been for milleniums. I don't buy the argument of so much time having passed since the partition . Compared to our nations colossal history of thousands of years , Seventy years is nothing and will very soon be forgotten as we reunite and take our Country to its rightful position on the world stage.

I call upon all right minded and peaceful citizens to sign this petition and start our march towards this Goal which is easily achievable, once we the people make up our mind.



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