January 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

 This petition is in support of William Graham. We hope to draw attention to his case with the wish that will receive some of his unjust sentence. In 1998, at the age of 21, Will was convicted in trial of rape. He was sentenced to 2 consecutive sentences of 24 and a half to 30 years, 49-60 years total. Will’s codefendant testified in trial and plead guilty to 15 years and was released in 2013. Will has now been incarcerated for over 23 years...a life sentence!

 While in prison, Will has become the man we all believed he could be. He has shown tremendous strength of character and has worked to improve himself. Will has taken so many programs and classes. He is a universally certified H.V.A.C technician, an electrician, computer literate, a dog trainer and he completed many business administration classes. He has also completed All of the self help programs available. Will gives credit to the S.T.O.P and Change Direction program facilitated by Ms. Jill Duszynski for changing his life. He often talks about the development of empathy which has given him a new perspective and allows him to understand the effects he has in other's lives. Will credits empathy for the tremendous amount of remorse he shows.

 Will only wants a second chance at life. He has now been locked up more years than he has been free, including since birth and formative years. Will is now 45 years old and lives his life seeking redemption. He is dedicated to a life of non-violence and never creating another victim. Will is also an advocate for domestic violence prevention. He’s been a peer counselor for the S.T.O.P program, helping other men transform their lives and become better men.Will has continued to excel and thrive. He hasn’t had an infraction in over 10 years and he has survived the COVID-19 virus.

 Please help William Graham. He is a good man. He has made the effort and taken advantage of his time in prison and changed so much. Will says the system has been a success for him. Will has a large, tight knit family, many friends and an amazing support system. He has many home plans and job plans prepared. Will has also set goals for himself such as obtaining his CDL’s, starting a men’s group and owning a home. Will loves the TarHeels, the Panthers and the Hornets. He is an animal lover and loves helping other’s.

 William Graham is NOT a threat to society. He will be an asset to the community and this world. He wants to prove himself and have a positive ripple effect. 

 Help bring Will home. When will enough be enough? Help give him Mercy. Please sign and share this with everyone you can. Thank you so much!


                           ~Will’s Story~

 My name is Will Graham. I am 44 years old. I have been incarcerated since July 5, 1997, one month after turning 21. Me and my codefendant met three girls one night and took advantage of them. I was charged and convicted in trial of rape and indecent liberties and given two consecutive sentences of 24 and a half to 30 years, 49-60 years total. My codefendant was given 15 years and was released in 2013 after testifying in my trial. A trial I didn’t want. While I admit to wrong doing, I didn’t agree with the severity of the charges. However, I DO NOT want to lessen my impact on my victims. I am totally responsible and accountable for my actions and there isn’t a day that does by I don’t think of them and wish I could change that night. I wish there were some way for me to reach out to them to let them know I’m sorry for treating them the way I did. I truly apologize. I want them to know I have so much remorse and I have worked hard to change my life and I truly have changed. Along with with growing up, I have spent the past 23 years taking classes and programs, becoming a better man. I haven’t had an infraction in over 10 years. I have also spent time working as a peer counselor in several self help programs, helping other men rise above their personal obstacles and become better men.

 I only hope for a chance at life again. A chance to spend time with my family and friends. A chance to spend time with my Dad, my best friend. He’s 87 now and time must be cherished. A chance to watch the TarHeels, Panthers and Hornets play again. A chance to play with my dog, walk on the beach, eat my Moms cooking, be able to laugh again, maybe get married, go to work and most of all...give back as much as possible to the community. I want to prove myself to my family, my friends, the community and my victims m. I will be successful if given the chance. I just NEED one chance. One chance.

 Please consider helping me. I am a good man who made some bad decisions in my younger life. If I could only get my consecutive sentences changed to concurrent, I could be released after serving 24 and a half years. Although it’s not for me to decide, 24 and a half years seems sufficient, that amount being equivalent to the national average for life sentences. Help me find redemption.

 Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for your support.

Please share this with more people.


William Graham

“We must never ignore the injustices that make charity necessary or inequalities that make it possible,”

~Michael Eric Dyson

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Signatures: 1,659Next Goal: 2,500
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