Reinstate Dr. Bob

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Many rumors and speculations have surfaced, following an incident that recently took place at the Secaucus High school, involving Principal Dr. Bob.  Thankfully, new details have emerged and he, himself, has spoken out about incident.  Decisions were made and instructions were given by his superior, which contradict the "stories" we've all heard.  Dr. Bob was merely doing what he was told to do, and as a result, he has endured public scrutiny and humiliation at the hands of the newly-appointed Superintendent.

Dr. Bob has dedicated his life to educating children, and during his time as principal at the Secaucus High School, has helped countless children thrive, succeed and go on to do great things! We cannot allow the decisions and actions of others, to tarnish his name and everything he's done for the children of Secaucus.

Dr. Bob deserves to be reinstated as Principal, and our children deserve it as well. He is a good man, with morals and values, and has a reputation that precedes him! His structure, guidance, and experience is needed by our children, especially nowadays!  We, as parents and concerned residents, cannot allow someone's career to be destroyed by lies and false stories.  It shouldn't be taken away at the hands of someone else's poor decisions.