SEC to investigate AAOI stock manipulation

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AAOI long term investors are frustrated by the uninhibited efforts of several entities to actively manipulate the stock price by means of inaccurate and often intentionally misleading publications and demand that SEC takes a close look at their actions.

Over the past 12 months AAOI long investors (both institutional and individual aka retail investors) have experienced significant realized and/or unrealized invested capital losses by what we believe to be a well orchestrated stock share price manipulation campaign. Since April of 2017 several online publications from WS analysts and stock news outlets have pointed out risks related to AAOIs business model that were unfounded and proven wrong however they have significantly affected stock price. The short interest in the stock has recently peaked at over 80% of float (one of the most shorted stocks on the NASDAQ) and arguably short sellers have vital interest in spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt which according to SEC regulations is illegal.

By signing this petition we aim to urge the SEC to scrutinize past, present and future publications related to AAOI for attempts of share price manipulation.

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