seaworld transfering all orcas and dolphins into an open ocean sea pen

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Many people have said " The Orca's and Dolphins are choosing to do theses tricks" but the truth is the do it for food and so they are not attacked by others for not doing it right. I only maybe 16 but my eyes were opened by the Documentary Blackfish on Netflix. I watched it when it was first released and from then on I decided my goal in life is to have every Orca from all Seawrold parks and any other Tilikum and Morgan who lived in the ocean with their pod and then were taken or kidnapped from their family. The death of Tilikum could have been prevented yes it is still possible but it is less likely to happen.  When my family took a trip to Seaworld Orlando I refused to walk through the gate and instead with my 12 year old cousin stood out side protesting in Freedom of Tilikum and all the other whales.

- Ariel Mcdaniel Future marine biologist