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Official statement regarding kasatkas health and all medications being given

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From recent photographs taken of Kasatka, it appears she is sick. We know, from SeaWorld's blog releases that she has been suffering for quite some time. Since their announcement in August 2016, her health has declined dramatically and she is predicted to pass very soon. Seaworld has yet to give a statement on her current health situation. Im hoping by getting this petition started this may push them to do the right thing. Kasatka was observed receiving a number of drugs but we're unsure what they are and what they are meant to treat. I'm asking SeaWorld to share the names of these medication and any past medications that have been used to treat her. Please help me get this much needed information from SeaWorld by signing the petition.

"Captive orcas are regularly treated for persistent fungal infections. The severity of this fungal infection demonstrates the diminished capacity of Kasatka’s own immune system. The constant need for massive amounts of antibiotics to keep orcas healthy in captivity decimates their immune system. Sadly, when I look at this photo, all I see is a diseased whale. Historically, when a necropsy is performed on an animal with this level of fungal infection, the fungal lesions are far worse internally than they are externally. It is also an incredibly painful way to die." John Hargrove

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