Help Shut Down SeaWorld

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SeaWorld is an organization which thrives off taking baby calves away from their homes and families in the ocean and locking them away in secluded tanks, not much bigger than their own bodies. They are then expected to spend their whole lives performing for strangers in chlorine-infested waters. 

41 orcas in total have died on SeaWorld's watch. Their first captures in Washington resulted in the deaths of 3 whales. 

In the wild, orcas are known to swim up to 100 miles a day, which equates to SeaWorld's orcas having to swim around 1,900 laps around their pools. These beautiful creatures deserve to be free and wild and to enjoy life in the oceans, but they're limited to having to perform degrading acts until the day they die.

It's desperate situations like these which make killer whales like Tilikum frustrated and aggressive, which caused him to kill 3 people in the 90's, yet SeaWorld still refused to act. 

Peri Sedigh, an activist, compared the marine animals' lives to "a form of slavery". Why are we still allowing this to happen? 
These dolphins and whales have become depressed, resulting in frequent violent and even suicidal behaviours. 


Please sign this petition to send the captive marine animals to sea sanctuaries, and to help prevent them from being snatched away from their homes and put in cruel circuses in the future, and to stop Tilikum's tragic story from being repeated.