End captivity of killer whales at SeaWorld

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Sea World, might seem like an amazing place to go see marine wildlife, but it has many deep secrets. The news that the sea world industry mistreats animals, has became very popular lately, especially the living circumstances for larger animals, such as orcas. This causes health risks to the animal, and can be dangerous to humans as well. Orcas are not capable of living in captivity comfortably, therefore the capturing of killer whales should be put to an end.

The first risk of keeping killer whales in small habitats is the danger to humans. A famous orca named Tilikum, at Seaworld in Florida, has killed three people. There as also been around 100 injuries involving orcas at SeaWorld alone. The killer whales get stressed out and angry because of how they’re treated, and where they live. Ending the captivity of orcas will reduce the tragic number of deaths and injuries.

Keeping killer whales in captivity also has a huge impact on their health. Orcas have very similar social skills and emotions as humans. The are attached to one another, just like humans are. Keeping orcas in small habitats separated from their family can cause depression, and make the animals unhappy. It can also make them more prone to infections, causing the lifespan to decrease. Holding these animals in captivity is very bad for their overall health, and they should be let free into the ocean.

To give you a good idea as to the impact of orca captivity as had on the population, there has been 156 orcas captured since 1961, 129 of them have died. About 165 killer whales have died in captivity. SeaWorld alone still has 22 orcas. At least 50 orcas have died at SeaWorld. The number of deaths of killer whales due to them being in captivity is crazy, and could potentially be dangerous to the species.

The captivity of orcas at SeaWorld ins a real and tragic problem that has major impacts on not just the safety of humans, but the health if the species. Please sign to end the capturing of killer whales, and to set the ones in captivity free.