Seattle University Demands Trans-Inclusion

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On behalf of the Gender Justice Alliance, we are writing to share our desire for a trans-inclusive campus that takes into account the whole person. We have heard from many voices who have condemned the act that took place this week. It is well established that what happened is unacceptable. We want to shift these conversations to what we as a community desire, rather than focusing on what we are against. We desire gender inclusive housing policy, the formation of the Healing Trauma Collective, and a physical space for healing. This statement is a call to action. We are asking the community to help us with the following actions:

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

  1. Establishing a Trans* inclusive training by transgender people for HRL and RHA
  2. Host a summer social via orientation advisors for trans and non-binary incoming students
  3. Create a web page with resources for trans* and non-binary students to easily navigate the housing system

Healing Trauma Collective

  1. A community and institutional collaboration with the objective to implement training for all faculty and staff to establish a shared language to best support students impacted by trauma
  2. Host forums to bridge gaps in understanding between students and faculty/staff about the everyday experiences of students with trauma related to sexual violence

Trauma Center

  1. Student-led space with peer counselors to connect students impacted by trauma with tangible resources 
  2. Physical space to decompress and heal

Please reach out to if you want to support or lead in the Gender Inclusive Housing Policy, and if you would like to support or lead in the Healing Trauma Collective or Trauma Center. The mission of the Gender Justice Alliance is striving to advocate intersectionality for the goal of collaborative resource sharing with the purpose of visibility for a just and humane world. We envision a campus where students living in the margins due to their identity have easy access to survivor-centered resources, a campus where no one is left behind and equality is implemented without exception.

“May we find all the ways we can build community. May these communities find ways to serve the people and contribute to the freedom and liberation of all the people.” -Tyson Amir, Community Organizer

In solidarity,

Triangle Club

Student Support Network (SSN)

Gender Justice Center (GJC)

Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) Club