Act Now to Protect Seattle's Discovery Park!

Act Now to Protect Seattle's Discovery Park!

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The 47th Anniversary of Discovery Park's February 1972 Master Plan is the Perfect Opportunity to Protect and Reinvest in this City Treasure!

Seattle’s Discovery Park is a natural refuge for people and wildlife in a crowded city. The Park’s magnificent vistas, stretches of tidal beaches, stands of native trees and abundant meadowlands all combine to make it one of surpassing beauty and serenity, establishing Seattle as one of the great cities of the world.

The Park is celebrating the 47th anniversary of its February 1972 Master Plan, a document that states the park’s purpose is to, “provide an open space of quiet and tranquility for the citizens of this city—a sanctuary where they might escape the turmoil of the city and enjoy the rejuvenation which quiet and solitude and an intimate contact with nature can bring.”

However, Discovery Park is being threatened by inappropriate development, deteriorating infrastructure and funding shortfalls. In fact, the Master Plan states that inappropriate special activities and structures constitute, “The greatest single threat to the park” and that they must be resisted to ensure that the Park continues to be a place of natural wonder and tranquility for future generations.

We urge the Seattle City Council and Mayor of Seattle to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the Master Plan to:

  1. Reconfirm the Park’s visionary Master Plan and central purpose as an open space where residents can experience nature and escape the turmoil of the city.
  2. Reinvest in trails, ecological restoration and environmental education programs.
  3. Ensure that future development does not threaten the integrity of Discovery Park.


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2,098 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!