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Sears is a horrible company that doesn't take responsibility for their actions. They are trained to lie to customers and more. 

Here's a bit of what happened to me:

We purchased a Samsung Washer and Dryer from Sears on December 27th and we did a home renovation of our laundry room after the purchase. The renovation was started and completed on January 24th, 2015 (2 days and 3 days before the delivery). Before the delivery folks came, I put notes on the file saying we did a home renovation and to be careful not to damage anything and to lift the appliances into place and not to drag them onto the floor. On the first delivery of the washer and dryer, they rushed the delivery and were here for 2 minutes. They wanted to drag the appliances on the floor because they were in a rush and I refused to let them do that, so they were angry with me. I then told them to install the washer and the dryer. They told me they wouldn't do it because they are late to their appointment. I told them I didn't care and they needed to install it. The box with the vent hose that I purchased from Sears Langley did not contain a vent hose from the dryer but rather nail polish so the delivery drivers were unable to install the dryer. I told them to wait a few minutes and I'll come back with a vent hose as I live across from the store. They refused. I told them to install the washer. The driver installed the washer using the wrong tool and broke the taps and they started gushing water. He said "OOPSIE" and walked out the door. At that point, I called customer service to report the damages and got through to a supervisor named Cathy who approved the plumbing costs from Mr. Rooter and provided me with her email address to forward pictures of the damage and the invoice too. At 6:45 AM the next day, Mr. Rooter replaced the broken taps. I sent the invoice to Nancy Smith in the Executive Office and to Cathy the supervisor via Email. That same day the drivers came back (new ones) to install the dryer. I had to argue with them not to climb or drag my appliances. They wanted to climb on my shelving which would break my wall. I told them ABSOLUTELY NOT. He dragged my appliances anyways on the floor, connected my dryer and jetted out the door putting 3 holes in my floor. I called my installer and got a quote for fixing the floor. I forwarded this to Sears (Nancy and Cathy). I left several VM's with Nancy Smith that were not returned. I phoned customer service several times who told me that I would hear back from DELIVERY MANAGEMENT and they have not responded. The Executive Office "Cary" called me today, February 12th saying they are not responsible for their delivery contractors as they are sub contractors and the sub contracting company has declined to pay or take any responsibility for the damages and I have to deal with the delivery company. Sears has no say and is unable to intervene in this matter. I did NOT purchase the washer and dryer from the sub contracting company (B&N) I purchased it from Sears! Sears needs to take responsibility for the people that they hire and reimburse me in damages immediately!!!!

Today, Sedgwick, the insurance company for those imbeciles contacted me saying that they'll pay only 50% of the plumbing damage they have caused because they don't feel like paying the other 50% basically. They still have not given me any resolution on the damages they have done to my floor.

I am calling on all Canadians to sign this petition to show Sears that we do not want them in Canada and they need to pack their stuff and get out of our nation. 

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