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#SEAnzoned: Withstanding against Queen Tuna Park's Water Pollution

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General Santos City's very own convenient place for recreation, Queen Tuna Park (QTP), is currently facing a worrisome dilemma. What was before considered as a paradise and a place for enjoyment has become a victim of water pollution, making it a less enticing place to relax in. What are found in the shore are garbages thrown by humans and dead fishes which were floating by the waves. As time passed by, the water pollution in QTP has only grown worse.

Way before water pollution destroyed the site, the beach was often visited by many. The clean shore and pristine waters used to endorse the beauty of nature in Gensan. The beach itself never failed to attract the passersby's attention. For every citizen of Gensan, QTP is truly a part of their lives and a part of the gensan experience to outsiders. Indeed, it was a part of the tourist spots of the city.

The tragic circumstances that doomed the rising paradise were all laid in the hands of the citizens of the city itself. The garbages that were thrown made it seem like the park was a dumpsite. Humans tend to throw their trashes anywhere they want. Being a place for recreation, the number of trashes left by visitors were even higher than the concern and care they have for the beach. Furthermore, industrialization greatly affects the cleanliness of the waters. The health of Mother Nature, our own Queen Tuna Park, becomes compromised for the sake of the economy. It cannot be denied that the fate of QTP is always in the hands of the Generals.

The scenario for this current dilemma is not in a one way avenue. It does not only affect the waters and the lives below it. In exchange of the problems humans caused to the QTP, humans could also be harmed by the problems they have caused a lot of families inhibiting near the shore's near waters. An unhealthy environment equates to an unhealthy life. Imagine the children playing and enjoying themselves in the shore. Imagine the happiness plastered on their faces as they approach the polluted waters to play. The satisfaction they get from throwing is the same as the satisfaction from bathing.  All these bliss could be taken away from them in a blink of an eye just because of the unhealthy environment everyone caused. Moreover, these environments reflect on the discipline of the citizens of General Santos City and could also change the way other people see the city as a whole.

Queen Tuna Park is an asset for Gensan. Aside from it being a convenient place for recreation and being in a strategic location in the city, it is also a home. Before its beauty was destroyed by water pollution, it was a treasure for Gensan. The changes that happened through the years can still be altered. The change is in your hands. Let us not turn a blind eye on this alarming dilemma. Together, let's dare ourselves to open our eyes to see the real problem.

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