A Call for the Resignation of Senator Ronan Mullen from Seanad Eireann

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On the 24th May 2018, during a live TV debate on the Referendum on Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution, Senator Ronan Mullen stated - "Mental Health has no evidence base".

The purpose of this petition is to hold Mr Mullen accountable for breach in Code of Conduct for Members of Seanad Eireann in relation to Section 1, 2 & 3(i) which can be seen here


The preamble to the Code of Conduct for members is thus: 

"The Members of Seanad Éireann other than office holders (referred to hereafter as "Members" ) recognise that it is in their individual and collective interest to foster and sustain public confidence and trust in their integrity as individuals and in Seanad Éireann as an institution. To this end, Members should at all times be guided by the public good and ensure that their actions and decisions are taken in the best interests of the public."

Negative discourse and stigma relating to poor mental health has long been a staple of Irish society. I, like thousands of others in Ireland suffer from mental health issues. The problem faced in our country is growing exponentially however huge efforts have been made by many elected members of State, Mental Health Bodies & Public Figures to address this and normalise the conversation. 

Ronan Mullen's statement to a highly engaged National audience served to jeopardise this great work and undermine the seriousness of the issue at hand affecting a huge, wide ranging demographic in Ireland today.

It states on Mr Mullen's website - "Rónán is a politician who stands up for the voiceless and vulnerable in our society. He is a man of principle who places honesty and integrity at the heart of his work." - His comments contradict this.

It also states on Mr Mullen's website - "I believe our communities and country have been let down by the dishonesty and a ruthless culture of spin in politics". - His comments contradict this.

Mr Mullen is an elected official representing NUI Graduates and also sits on two Boards relating to Secondary Schools and Dublin Inner City Community. 

Having worked closely myself with Graduates and also the people of Dublin 1, I've witnessed, first hand, the affects of mental health difficulties on the exact people Mr Mullen was appointed to represent.

Therefore, I strongly believe that Ronan Mullen no longer warrants a Mandate for Public Office based on the degradation of the Mental Health epidemic, has breached the Code of Conduct and should resign from Senate with immediate effect.

I urge everyone to please sign and share.

Thank you & Mind yourselves

Richard Bohan Martin