Irish Kennel Club: Boycott the World Dog Show 2019 in China

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Irish Kennel Club: Boycott the World Dog Show 2019 in China

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How can Ireland, a country where dogs are loved and respected, attend a World Dog Show in CHINA, a country where dogs are routinely tortured and slaughtered? We find it deeply shameful that the Irish Kennel Club has agreed to this, not to mention worrying that they should allow dogs from Ireland into a country which is considered extremely dangerous for our canine companions.

Sean Delmar, the President of the Irish Kennel Club, has not only agreed to participate in this event, but he has also criticised those who objected to China hosting the World Dog Show 2019. While Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland and Canada expressed their objection to this decision, the IKC applauded it. In his 2015 statement, he wrote:

"How can we change the attitudes of some sections of society in China? Is it by being aloof and ascending to the moral high ground in order to preach down or is it by education and interacting with like-minded people in China who, with international help and support, may be able to lobby the authorities in China to effect real changes? I think the latter."

The problem with Mr Delmar's argument is that since 2015 very little has been done to improve the welfare of dogs in China and there is no evidence that China Kennel Union (CKU) have taken effective measures to stop the cruelty. The Dog Meat Trade still thrives; cruelty to dogs is still prevalent and, as is evident by the recent incident involving a police officer who slowly and torturously butchered an innocent Golden Retriever named Coke to death, cruelty itself is not only tolerated, but APPLAUDED by the Chinese government, considering the fact that the police officer in question received an award for "good public service" after killing the dog. Mr Delmar speaks in China Kennel Union's defence, that they are the ones to help enact change - but what exactly have CKU done since 2015? We can tell you:

1. They have ensured that visitors to China will be allowed to bring more than one dog per person to the World Dog Show 2019.

2. They have ensured that the Ministry of Public Security of China will start working with the Shanghai Customs for dog's entry-exit inspection and quarantine for the World Dog Show 2019.

It is shocking, to be frank. The only effective forms of action achieved by CKU have been to attain more entries for the World Dog Show in China! This is what they have been up to for the past three years since being awarded the show. Never mind the millions upon millions of stolen pets butchered every year; never mind dogs such as Coke who are beaten and maimed by officers of the law and praised by the government for it; the priority of the CKU appears to be bringing in more entries to the World Dog Show. Their exhibitions about how dogs should be treated are ineffective and useless; these exhibitions target dog lovers only and make no difference to improving the welfare of dogs in China. This is further compounded by the fact that CKU had an agreement in 2016 with the Dutch Kennel Club, concurring that they would deliver a presentation at the FCI General Assembly, informing members of the measures they have taken to improve dog welfare. They FAILED to deliver this presentation and have dishonoured their word in the process.

Why should this country be allowed to host the World Dog Show? They not only allow the barbaric and brutal murders of millions of dogs each year, but their own advocate groups such as CKU fail to take effective measures to halt the cruelty, instead renegading on their word and grossly disrespecting other members in the process by doing so. Furthermore, why have CKU offered out a "Gold Card' to 91 FCI members to attend the World Dog Show 2019 at the cost of 100,000 Euros? 100,000 Euros - think of how far this money could go to helping dogs in China! But instead, CKU uses the money to lavish members with a luxurious five-star hotel for three nights. Some Kennel Club members have rejected this offer, considering it unethical and tantamount to a bribe. Has Mr Delmar accepted or refused it? What is his stance on this?

Mr Delmar also claims in his statement that FCI is instrumental in creating effective change in China for canine welfare. Yet FCI, the organisation which refuses to take calls or answer emails from concerned members of the public and is currently being openly criticised by hundreds of angry people on social media, has taken no effective measures to improve the welfare of dogs in China. We understand that FCI disapproves of anyone who criticises their decision, even to go so far as threaten the Norwegian Kennel Club with sanctions, and we consider this to be despicable of an organisation that claims to love dogs and promote dog welfare throughout the world.

The shadiness and morally contemptible actions surrounding China's hosting of the World Dog Show is something we, the undersigned, demand that Ireland have no part in. The United Kingdom has already announced their withdrawal from the World Dog Show 2019; the UK and Ireland have long been considered havens for dogs and we strongly request that Ireland joins her neighbour, the UK, in boycotting the event. FCI have made it perfectly clear that they, and only they, may overturn the decision; as they refuse to answer public concerns and have even batted away a petition with over 600,000 signatures calling for a relocation of the Dog Show, they have made it clear that they have no inclination to award the show to a more humane and safer country for dogs. We see only one option left to us and that is to demand the IKC announces their withdrawal from the show or, at the very least, demands that the FCI award it to a different country. Given the damning evidence that has come to light, we cannot see how Mr Delmar - who initially advocated FCI's and CKU's actions towards dog welfare, which have ultimately proven a failure - can possibly object.

Boycotting the World Dog Show 2019 is the only way forward. The international community must make it clear that they object to China's treatment of dogs, as attempts at reasoning with them are clearly not working; an international boycott will send a loud, clear message to China and jilt them into implementing desperately needed laws to protect dogs.

Please sign and share this petition far and wide so we can stop this outrageous event from happening.

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