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Keep Keith Green at Beddingfield High School

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For a decade, Keith Green has taken the smallest group of kids, with the smallest budget, and the least amount of parental support in the school district, and transformed them into an entity that functions as a whole, capable of setting aside the facts referenced above and performing at a standard that has created a history of winning awards and transforming lives.  For many of the students in the band at Beddingfield, marching band is their safe haven, off of the streets, away from drugs and gangs, a place where they belong.  Containing a cross-section of the entire student body, the band is comprised of academic scholars, those who may not excell academically, and those who need special assistance to achieve the accomplishments of basic daily activities.  Athletes and those physically challenged equally find a home among the ranks of the members.  Regardless of their personal hurdles, they succeed on the field and in the bandroom under the direction of Keith Green. 

The Central Office has decided that because of the problems created with a revolving door of administration and the issues it has created with the music department at Speight Middle School, that they are going to relocate Mr. Green to Speight on a full-time basis, leaving the position at Beddingfield to be filled as a part-time position, with the hopes that the person hired will agree to carry on with the marching band program (on a part-time salary) or that Mr. Green will agree to continue the marching program on a contract basis, not having the opportunity to work with the kids in the classroom. 

Mr. Green spends hundreds of hours outside of the classroom working one-on-one with the members of the band, preparing music, working on drills, and dozens of other tasks for which he is not currently financially compensated.  To think that a person receiving a part-time salary will dedicate that much time, effort, and energy to insure that the program remains successful is beyond ludicrous.  "Green", as he is affectionately referred to, does it because he is called to do it.  He is driven to do it.  A retired band teacher that worked on a middle school level has never, and will certainly never for a part-time teacher's salarly, feel any such level of dedication to the program or the students.

Help us keep Keith Green at Beddingifeld High School.  While the program at Speight Middle School is certainly in need of a dedicated director, the answer to fixing the issues at that school is NOT destroying a successful program at the high school.


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