Make Shark Finning Illegal Worldwide!

Make Shark Finning Illegal Worldwide!

January 9, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kalei Larner

Across the world, up to 100 million sharks are being killed annually. With more and more shark species becoming endangered, the health of our oceans and their environments are declining. Do you want this to be our future?

The oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface and contain 97% of the Earth’s water. With a majority of our world being made up of water, we should do our best to ensure the water and ecosystems stay clean and healthy. Sharks help us ensure this, but with us killing millions of sharks annually by cutting off their fins and throwing their bodies back in the ocean to die; it's causing the ecosystems to decline. Shark finning is causing 143 species of 440 species of sharks to be labelled endangered and that number of endangered sharks will only increase as shark finning is not being stopped.

We can make a change. Are you up for it?

Let me show you what will happen if we don't stand up to this on-going issue.

If it weren’t for our sharks regulating species populations, the health of our oceans would go downhill rapidly. 

Sharks influence the oceans by eating a variety of species and protecting the smaller species such as scallops. If sharks became extinct, we would have a variety of problems such as out-of-control algae, extinction of smaller species, poor water quality, among many more issues. We need to take action before this becomes more than a possibility. 

China has seen these issues and has made anything to do with shark finning illegal. They have banned trades, fishing, shark fin soup, etc. They stood up for the sharks by doing what was needed and creating laws against this horrid business.

You can notice how much of an impact these laws have made by looking at  statistics. The desire and consumption of shark fin soup in Asia has decreased by 80% which is positive news, especially since they had the highest rate of shark finning throughout the world.   

Shark fins can be valued up to $650 per kilogram. By people paying this, they are  just as big of a part of the problem. Think about if this money was used to help protect our sharks. This money could benefit in so many ways, but it's being used to make the problem even more of an issue.

This money is the motivation that drives these fishermen to continue killing more and more sharks.

Sign this petition to show how important it is to save our sharks by standing up and showing the governments around the world that this million-dollar industry needs to be put to an end.  

By making shark finning illegal and anything associated with it, shark finning will no longer be possible and our sharks will be protected as well as our oceans. Our future is more important than money. 

Help now and share this information with others to spread awareness. 

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Signatures: 1,374Next Goal: 1,500
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