Help stop Whaling around norway, Japan and Iceland

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Hi, My name is Belinda Wheat. I am 15 years old, and I want to stop commercial whaling. There are only three countries left in the world that harvest whales - Norway, Iceland and Japan. Whales are a vital part of the ecosystem, as they contribute to keeping the ocean's population alive. Did you know that when a whale dies naturally, and the carcus stays in the water, it can feed up to 40 different species? On December 26th 2018, Japan announced that it would resume commercial whaling in July 2019. Figures from Japan's whaling expedition to Antarctica (2017 - 2018) revealed that 122 out of 181 female Minke whales were killed while pregnant. It is outrageous, that people would kill pregnant whales. The reason for this is that pregnant whales are slower and weaker than other whales. In the Japan's 2017 -2018 whaling season they killed 467 Minke whales and 134 Sei whales in their own coastal waters. In Norway they kill hundreds of Minke whales yearly. Many of the whales targeted are pregnant, like in Japan. By killing pregnant whales, they are killing whales faster than they can be produced. Norway also hunts under an 'objection' to the global ban on commercial whaling. The Norwegian government actively promotes whale meat to schoolchildren and young adults, who are offered whale burgers at festivals. Tourists on cruise ships and in restaurants are also offered whale meat. This type of behavior utterly disgusts me. What have whales done to deserve slaughter, and in such cruel ways? Whale meat in Norway is exported to Japan, where it is fed to animals and eaten by people. In 2014, 113 metric tonnes (equivalent to 75 whales) was sold to make animal feed. The amount of whales slaughtered and sold each year is unbelievable and this is why the whale population is dying out. Only three countries commercially kill whales but several countries like Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Japan and many more  consume whale meat, which to me is just as bad because they are supporting this vile behavior. I hope you will sign my petition as this is something I strongly believe in. Do these whales justice by saving them. I am hoping to receive one million signatures, which I will then send to the governments of countries that actively participate in commercial whaling. If I lose the fight for these whales I will continue to fight non stop until I am heard and these beautiful creatures stop suffering at hands of humans. 

Kind regards

Belinda wheat 

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