Call For Greater Transparency and Communication at Saint Anselm College

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To Whom It May Concern:

 We of the Saint Anselm College community are saddened and disappointed by the recent events concerning the loss of numerous administrators and staff. Regardless of any financial issues the college faces, we believe that a different course of action would have been more appropriate. Firing members of the community with very little notice is unjust and does not follow the Benedictine values of hospitality, justice, and respect.

Along with the loss of many beloved and integral members of the community, we were also incredibly disheartened to hear the news from an outside source, rather than from the college itself.

Moving forward, we call for:

Greater transparency and communication between Anselmian students and administration.​ This past school year has seen many rumors and misinformation quickly spread to the community. On a campus that promotes “lifelong pursuit of the truth” as a tenet of its mission statement, clear and open communication is key.
Financial transparency.​ The Day of Giving is one of Saint Anselm College’s most prominent and successful fundraising events. It is only fair that alumni and generous donors know exactly where their money is going. In order to continue these days, we need an honest report of the College’s financial status.
Clear communication with the staff members.​ Our administrative staff keep the school running--academically, financially, creatively, and safely. They deserve the respect and thanks of all of Saint Anselm College, for without them, we would not be able to thrive. Therefore, they should be consulted or at the very least, aware, of the situations that may impact their careers.
Communication with the students. ​Open communication is essential to keep our school united and cohesive. In order for us to do our best, we need to know that our futures and finances are safe and in good hands. Because Saint Anselm is a small school, students, staff, and faculty forge a closer bond than would occur at larger institutions. This school is built on an ethic of care-- an individual’s problem is not simply their own; rather, it is an issue for the entire community.
Respect for individual members of the community.​ A community is, after all, made up of individuals, and each one is just as important as the whole. Saint Anselm College is built on bonds of friendship and respect between students,
faculty, and staff. To keep our school strong, the administration, especially those who exercise influence, need to reflect this as well.

We implore the responsible parties to consider making such changes so there is greater trust, communication, and respect between past, present, and future Anselmians.

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