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Scrap or repeal and replace NIDS

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The government of Jamaica has passed the intrusive National Identification System (NIDS) in senate in a partisan manner. We the people consider this bill unconstitutional in its current stage.

On August 24 2017, Indian Supreme Court ruled against the world largest biometrics National ID card system. A nine-member panel ruled unanimously that privacy, is a 'fundamental right' .

The conservative party in the UK scrapped the National Identity Card Scheme in its first 100 days,due to its intrusiveness.

We the people demand of our government through its lower house to kill the bill or to make the necessary changes to the bill .

Option one -Scrap NIDS

1 Biometric Passports.

2 Modernize our TRN, NIS and EOJ systems.

Option two : Repeal and Replace .

1 Remove biometrics for all citizens to persons  who are in  the security forces, certain professions and persons who are arrested and charged.

2 The age NIDS should be mandatory is 18 years old and older.

3 Base upon this administration policies with regard education and health. Clause 41 (1) infringe upon on our rights to free healthcare and free education up to the secondary level.

4 The Prime Minister right has the right to recommend a CEO for this impending NIDS board.It is Parliament's job to appoint the CEO through a simple majority but preferably a two-thirds majority.

5 A secret court should be in place. Where our security intelligence agencies has to seek approval from this court in order to have access to NIDS database.

6 Fines related to some offences needs  revision .

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