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SFA & SPFL recognise Rangers Wartime titles and these be added to our count of 54.

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campaign to have the WW2 titles recognised, given that full participation took place with all the big teams and full seasons.There are a number of justifications:

Full Seasons

Full participation

Aberdeen and Hibs quote their honours as official during this period - Rangers don't - this is key in the arguments

Celtics WW1 titles stand - another injustice - in England WW1 titles are not counted

Actually 7 full leagues were played during WW2


Division 1 (this is only short campaign)

Rangers 1st, Celtic 4th when it finished

Full Campaign

Rangers 1st, Celtic 13th

War cup - Rangers winners

1940-41 League

Rangers 1st, Celtic 5th

League Cup - Rangers Winners

1941-42 League

Rangers 1st, Celtic 3rd

League Cup - Rangers Winners

1942-43 League

Rangers 1st, Celtic 10th

League Cup Winners - Rangers

1943-44 League

Rangers 1st, Celtic 2nd

League Cup Winners - Hibs beat us 6-5 on corners, included in their honours

1944-45 League

Rangers 1st, Celtic 2nd

League Cup Winners - Rangers

1945-46 League

Rangers 1st, Celtic 4th

League Cup Winners - Aberdeen, included in their honours

There seems no justification for these other clubs including honours and ours not standing, as well as Celtic including theirs for WW1.

As well as winning 7 titles we also won 5 cups, 4 league cups and a war cup.

In total we have been denied 12 trophies in total!

With all the talk of us losing trophies - we should have these 12 included in our honours. Others have - Hibs and Aberdeen.

The worst should be Celtic stripped of their WW1 titles but tbh it would be fairer just to include our 12. The main justification for taking their titles is that in England, these were suspended during WW1 - why should they have these. It's totally biased and wrong, not just morally but factually.

Sporting integrity would demand that these titles should be added. If Aberdeen and Hibs include in their honours then there is no reason why we don't include in ours.

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