Stop Early Release of Serial Drug Rapist William Dennis Fenton

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William Dennis Fenton jailed for 12 years in 2000 for drugging and raping me. It was the 1st conviction of Drug Rape in the UK. 52 years he was given against the charges brought against this beast for the 30 hours of my life I and my family had to listen to and relive in a courtroom. 52 years, when I heard the sentences being read out, one after one I cried as I thought he will never be able to hurt another woman. How wrong was I, they all ran concurrently with the longest sentence of 12 years. 

After which, another girl bravely came forward to secure convictions against him. The crimes against her were before mine! He was given more time to run concurrently with my sentence. NO additional time was given for her bravery!  NI Parole let him out after 6! 

Convicted again in 2008 for breaching the terms of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order. Again he was released.

After a campaign against him from prohibiting this rapist having a mobile phone access to the internet or being alone with a woman in NI he moved to Scotland where he Raped again. Jailed and Paroled again.  

2013 convicted of Drugging and Raping and Sexual Assault of another 4 girls a Judge branded him 'a clear danger to females' and imposed an Order of Life Long Restriction. 

Now 6 years on this Rapist is eligible for Parole AGAIN. On October 18th the Parole Board of Scotland will decide if he is free. Free to rape again. 

Free to walk the streets among unsuspecting women he drugs rapes and videos for his sick pleasure. 

Words can not describe the danger this beast is. Using drugs to rape and assault women. Taking away our power to fight him off. Media Report

I ask you all to take the power we have today before the decision is made to release him. Sign this petition to keep this serial rapist in jail where he belongs. Away from women! Keep our society safe from serial rapists. No matter where this serial rapist resides he will rape again. Let's all use our voice to tell the Parole Board. Tell them we do not want this Serial Rapist on our streets. Keep ourselves safe from serial rapists!