Let murder victims be laid to rest sooner

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My 37yr old brother was murdered in the street in January, our family have still not been allowed to lay him to rest

The reason behind this is because murder victims in Scotland must be released bt the Procurator Fiscal

The accused has the right to instruct a second PM once arrested for a murder,so in Scotland the victims body will remain in a mortuary until an arrest has been made

In England and other countries a murder victims body will stay in a mortuary for a maximum of 28 days, after which a second independant post mortem will be carried out and made available to the defence team when required,allowing families to go ahead with funeral arrangements for their loved ones

my aim is to implement a change in Scotland to work in line with England allowing bereaved families the right to carry out funeral arrangements at the earliest opportunity

We have endured 5 months of hell knowing my brother has been decomposing on a mortuary slab for the ‘rights of the accused’

where are the rights of the victims and their family?

Its too late now for us, but if we could change this for future families it would bring comfort to ours