Ban mountain hare culling on grouse moors

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Voluntary restraint” is being ignored! Please ban the culling of Scottish mountain hares or, at the very least, impose a temporary ban on all culling on grouse moors until measures are put in place to ensure their numbers can remain at acceptable, sustainable levels.

It would also be timely to see the withdrawal of support from Scottish Natural Heritage and Visit Scotland for businesses and organisations that promote large-scale recreational mountain hare hunting.


As a member of the RSPB, I am horrified to hear about the unregulated culling of mountain hares simply to protect healthy game, such as Red grouse, which are cultivated, in turn, to be shot as sport!

Reading on the RSPB website
"In 2014, the coalition warned the Scottish Government that the ‘voluntary restraint’ that was claimed to be in place was unlikely to protect these mammals from wide-scale culls on grouse moors, including in the Cairngorms National Park.

Since then, there have been multiple reports of culls being carried out across the country - suggesting that voluntary restraint has been ignored. These culls are believed to be having a serious negative effect on hare populations. In some areas it has been shown that the culls are leading to severe population declines and potentially even local extinctions."

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I am personally against all blood sports but am particularly angry that these hares are being slaughtered just because they interfere with the enjoyment of some in the shooting of other game!

 OneKind are tirelessly working to save the mountain hare. Please don't allow their work to be in vain.