a legal identity for stillborns

a legal identity for stillborns

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My son Steven died on 16/3/14 after he was decapitated by Dr Vaishnavy Laxman at Ninewells hospital. I was only 2-3 cms with low lying placenta and my son was in breech position. But she refused to carry out a C-section telling me to push. Medics even questioned her decision throughout my terrifying and devastating experience.

Afterwards prosecutors wrote to me stating that the current law in Scotland means that because my son didn't take a breath, he does not have a legal identity-he is stillborn- therefore there would be no criminal case or fatal accident inquiry. If I had been given a C-section then my son could have taken a breath however due to being decapitated it was made impossible. Every baby deserves to be classed as a person with a legal persona and therefore entitled to a thorough legal investigation into their death to ensure no criminal acts have taken place. There are loads of other cases I've read about where blunders have taken place in hospitals resulting in the death of babies but nothing can be done and no one is held accountable because they are classed as stillborn. Lets make a change ,update the outdated laws and help all of the mummies and daddies like myself and Steven's father fight for justice for our babies.

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