NO to the killing of 300 ravens

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I understand that the Scottish National Heritage has recently issued a license authorizing the killing of 300 ravens as part of an experiment to see what effect this would have on other bird species.

I respectfully request that this decision be reversed.

Firstly, ravens are part of the ecosystem and killing them simply to see what happens is a profoundly irresponsible move. Larger, predatory animals generally serve to keep numbers of other species from running too high and depleting the environment. Killing ravens could very well damage biodiversity, not help it.

Secondly, raven populations in Scotland have only recently managed to somewhat recover from centuries of overzealous killing by gamekeepers. Allowing a cull will likely undo all that progress.

Thirdly, we cannot help noticing that the area planned for this raven-culling experiment the same one that is used for grouse shooting. Is this really about ravens causing trouble for other species, or is this an excuse to kill one bird so that another can be shot for sport?

Yours sincerely,

The undersigned