Reverse cuts to respite care for disabled children at Glenlaw house?

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NHS Tayside have made cuts to respite care that the children of Tayside so desperately need.

Initially there was 6 beds plus an emergency bed for the families of Tayside to have some much needed respite and this was cut to 2 beds with no emergency bed and we were told this is only temporary.

Let me tell you a little bit about the history involved with these cuts.

Over a 5 year period each cut was made with no consultation to parents and carers. This service is a lifeline to most and is the only break from providing 24 hour care to our kids, my son being one of these children. We, the families have come together to support each other and hopefully make our voice heard.

Glenlaw is the only respite facility our children can attend due to the complex medical needs they have.

Without your support we fear the next step will be the closure of our much needed respite unit.

We therefore seek your support with this petition demanding that Glenlaw House is brought back to full capacity with immediate effect.