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Help Keep the Wild Deer in Scotland Wild

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In Scotland there is an issue with close human interaction with potentially dangerous wild animals, in particular deer in the Glen Coe area. While it is a privilege to see these fantastic animals up close, the worry is that our interactions with them is causing more harm than good.

These animals are wild and potentially very dangerous, but they are being tempted in to these "public" places by people who bring them food (not all of which is suitable!) As a result the animals are hanging around in these areas longer than they should. They are also getting so used to people that they don't run off when approached. In fact they even approach the people first.

While I realise that the majority of people are not approaching and/or feeding these animals out of malice. Instead they are trying to interact with them. However, there have been instances where the animals have end up being hurt or even killed when they have strayed on to the roads. There was even an instance where some degenerates decided it would be fun to use one as target practice for their airgun (which I believe was also at Loch Tulla). That latter animal had to be put down, but could you imagine the pain and suffering it went through first?

And as said above, these animals are dangerous. If they feel in any way threatened they could attack, injure and, yes, even kill someone. I can just see the outcry now: "Loch Tulla stag should be destroyed because it hurt a poor defenceless human!"

So with all the above in mind, we would like signs put in places where deer are getting close to and being fed by humans warning of the risks to both animal and humans.

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