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On the 4th May 2013 the Scottish SPCA arrived unannounced at our field in East Calder where we keep our beloved 19 year old Horse Humphrey. He is a canny big horse,.. retired from racing some years ago, we have loved cared for and put our heart and soul into him.. he is part of our family. The arrival of the SSPCA was a shock but not as much as a shock as when they advised us they were going to seize Humphrey. They had no warrant, no documentation, they had given no prior notice they were coming. Humphrey and his owner were refused their right for their vet to attend to give a 2nd opinion as to whether or not he could be seized. The inspector had no interest in helping the owner, even to give some advice if she felt something wasn't right or even give a care notice warning.The SSPCA officers refused to give their names and told the public that were standing nearby to stop filming this spontaneous seizure or they would call the police. The public continued to film as the SSPCA officer was somewhat sinister in her actions, she laughed and smirked..yet this was part of our family she was seizing. The film can be watched on the link below. The SSPCA inspector claimed, Humphrey had a massive heart murmur and was lame on 3 legs but she refused for the owner to see him trot up. She also claimed he was severely underweight. When the police arrived she informed them he was such a severe case (in her opinion) he needed to be removed immediately. An independent vet report at a later date found this not to be the case. However as they had denied the owner any documentation when seizing Humphrey they were free to seize first , and hopefully find something to prosecute for later . They removed him from his friends and loving home , and put him in a greatly inferior environment , with no companions , no access to his usual freedoms of enjoying the fields and his distress was so great they had to use an anti-weaving device on him . They have refused to allow us to have contact with Humphrey.This action was unnecessary , uncalled for and unacceptably brutal . We call for Alex Salmond to investigate why procedure for SSPCA inspectors is such a grey area. Why they refused for interviews to be recorded when the police have to do so. Why they get away with refusing a humans legal rights. They very rarely return phone calls when owner asks how Humphrey is doing. It is now 6 weeks plus and 2 interviews later and we still have not got a single piece of documentation as to why he was seized. The Animal Welfare act of 2006 clearly allows individuals to abuse their powers if they so wish, this is not acceptable behaviour in a civilised country.

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