over 16's to be able to receive full punishment sentencing as adults

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I want the Scottish and UK law to be changed that anyone over the age of 16 is able to be handed down a Full adult sentence and not as a child if they have  committed a serious crime such as murder, rape or abduction and be able to receive the full punishment part of a sentence as a adult as in the UK you can get married at 16, you can join the army at 16 and you can even leave home at 16.

I believe if you can make these choices at the age of 16 and you commit such horrendous crimes your old enough to receive the full sentencing as a adult

This Petition is to Protect People in future, this petition is to protect your Family's from anyone who would commit such Heinous Crimes.

I have Started this petition because my Family has suffered this hell and don't want anyone else to go through this and lastly for my niece who lost her life and the vile monster that down it got a child's sentencing. 


Lastly It's inappropriate for people like Aaron Campbell to be in a young offenders when they should be in prison.