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Removal of Lawwell and Riley from SFA boards

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Further improve the integrity of Scottish football and its competative leagues. Show that abuse of rules will be unacceptable for all and not just one club
For the benefit of all concerned it is imperative that Stewart Regan and his SFA compatriots are seen to apply the same rule of thumb for all clubs within its association/leagues.
Whilst the SFA sat in judgement of the Rangers Big Tax Case BTC it has now become apparent that particular members of that board had infact themselves and their clubs operated such schemes so as to avoid the payment of significantly large sums of tax. This placed those clubs at a distinct advantage over other clubs.
Astonishingly as an arbitrator of our game the SFA were infact themselves responsible for partial neglect by their inability to carry out thorough due dilligence.
Of more significant concern is that the SFA board that sat in judgement of Rangers Fc and its use of tax avoidance schemes included board members of celtic fc. It has now been widely reported and also acknowledged that celtic fc also utilized various tax avoidance schemes in payment of their staff.
This now brings into question the integrity of Scottish football, the honesty and fairness of Stewart Regan and his cohorts and rights to redress the ills of our football association and its ability to apply fairly rules that should be applicable for all and not just the selected ones targeted by association.
Will the SFA and Stewart Regan now seek to ensure that board members such as Peter Lawwell and Eric Riley are removed from the sfa immediately and a full inquiry carried out on what schemes of tax avoidance were operated by Scottish football clubs and more importantly celtic fc who sat in judgement of Rangers fc whilst themselves using schemes to assist the avoidance of tax on players, manager and director salaries
In the name of integrity it is imperative the Stewart Regan is now seen to act otherwise their ahould also be a call for his resignation for neglect whilst he was/is in charge at the Scottish football association.
Failure to act will result in a campaign to ensure that the Govt and HMRC are made fully aware and that further actions to remove said board members will ensue.

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