Common Sense Gun Laws (+Campaign Finance)

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In America, each new generation born is often given a label that defines them. Baby Boomers--a post-wartime generation, Millennials--the generation of student loans and financial struggles. Our generation has involuntarily received the generation of mass shootings as our label. This is the legacy we will leave, all because those who raised us were privy to information, but still ignored the signs. The leaders of our country knew, when they resisted gun reform, that lives would be lost in order for hobbies to be maintained. They knew that an implementation of the Dickey amendment would lead to unanswered questions from victims families, as to how many had suffered this fate. They knew that without a ban on assault style weapons, they would end up in the hands of private citizens.

Schools should be our safest institutions and it isn’t something that should need clarifying. The answer to this is not militarizing schools, neither is it forcing innocent children to confront the reality that they might be shot at school, a place of learning. The solution is universal background checks, waiting periods, a ban on bump stocks, and a raise on the minimum age to purchase a firearm.

97% of Americans support universal background checks; in Wisconsin that number is 85% according to a MArquette University Poll, well above the margin of error. We plan to lobby the state legislature to refer a question as a ballot measure and we need your support. Know that we represent a large portion of Wisconsin residents who support this issue and we plan to inform all 85% of Wisconsinites what their representatives voted on this issue.

This is not a partisan issue and is clearly shown by the percentage in favor. Your support could one day save lives and realize that human lives are never a partisan issue.



The majority of Americans, both democrats and republicans have one huge commonality: an ignored voice in political reform. We, the residents of Wisconsin, believe that our electoral system is cemented in a perpetual loop of inaction. In 2010, the US Supreme Court ruled that the first amendment applied to corporations and average Americans alike. This opened the floodgates for 501(c)(4) organizations to pour millions of dollars into campaigns. But let’s call this what it really is, transforming US Democracy into an Oligarchy, making it acceptable for the majority of Americans to be ignored by their representative in favor of wealth. This isn’t protecting the rights of 501(c)(4) organizations to “express themselves [regarding] political candidates and issues” (Mitch McConnell). According to the Center for Responsive Politics, in 2016, the total dark money spent was $175 million. How can we expect our leaders to remain impartial when they receive such immense sums of money from undisclosed sources. As our elected representative, it is your responsibility to listen to our voice. We are disappointed that our electoral system considers corporations to be people under the law. We are disappointed that in the last decade, $921.96 million has been donated to campaigns by anonymous donors. We are disappointed that inaction has infiltrated all levels of government.

But there is a solution. Change starts with action, and publicly stating support of campaign finance reform will spark the long-needed resolution to this decades-long dilemma. The majority of Americans support campaign finance reform, now is the time to act.

We ask that you to publicly state your firm support for campaign finance reform and actively work to promote this issue in your respective governmental body. And when the time comes support our efforts to put gun control and campaign finance reform on the ballot as measures. When you take this step, remember that we stand with you.