Allow Warden Access To Accompany A Hunter To Retrieve Game That Has Crossed Property Lines

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Current Wisconsin Law puts the final decision to allow a hunter to recover game that has crossed property lines in the hands of the landowner. Authorities such as local Sheriff and local game wardens cannot interfere and cannot gain access or accompany a hunter to retrieve his or her game without landowner permission.

I'm proposing a change to create a law and Wisconsin Hunting Regulation to allow access with proper authorities i.e. Local Game Warden or Sheriff to retrieve game with the hunter after a property owner has denied access.

Before contacting the authorities, the hunter must make contact and attempt to gain access through the landowner  If the landowner denies access,  then the hunter can call authorities to assist. The hunter will not be allowed access without either a Sheriff or Game Warden present.  

In the end, this will prevent trespassing, build relationships between hunters and neighbors and also giving the landowners first authority on allowing a hunter to access. If there is a legal way to access land to recover deer, people will follow the law and not trespass which will save law enforcement having to get involved if a hunter ends up trespassing.   

In hunter safety, they teach you to make every effort possible to recover game. Under current law and regulations, we are not able to if it crosses property lines.  Current neighboring states such as Iowa have similar laws in place which can be researched here.

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