We the citizens of Aus insist PM Scott Morrison act immediately to SACK Stuart Robert MP

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Stuart Robert MP the Liberal Parliamentarian for Fadden in Queensland is to put it mildly 'appears to be DODGY, and possibly CORRUPT.'

HAVE A READ > Make up your own mind.


In 2016 I began collecting and storing information about some of Roberts questionable behaviour. THIS INFO is stored on Twitter under the hashtag #StuartRobertAffair. Psst: I should have said 'Affairs' plural AND I should have replaced the word 'affairs' with SCANDALS.  

If you VISIT or GOOGLE THIS HASHTAG #StuartRobertAffair you can see for yourself.  You will find LINKS for the following listed SCANDALS.

Scandal 1 = Robert's speech use sections of letter written by lobbyist

Scandal 2 = Rolex Watch Saga

Scandal 3 = China trip as private person!

Scandal 4 = secret bankrolling of “independents’’~Gold Coast council elections

Scandal 5 = close ties to ANTI-GAY African church~Hillsong charging taxpayers for trip to Africa

Scandal 6 = Property developer donated to LNP after Stuart Robert speech

Scandal 7 = Questions re his eligibility to sit in Parliament? Re business interests.

Scandal 8 = the most recent > Stuart Robert charged taxpayers $2,000 a month for his home internet

There are many more SCANDALS including getting top job for mate, massive expenses claims (office facilities & printing), not listing his wife's pecuniary interests, the list goes on.

Please forward any information that I have overlooked OR TWEET me at @elliemail.

p.s Visit TWITTER MOMENT for the links for above > https://twitter.com/i/moments/1048881542938877952