Should politicians have to be age/means tested like everyone else ?

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Before the next Federal election, there will be a mass exodus of serving politicians. They will do so in order for them to personally benefit from unjustifiably large retirement packages.

Some politicians will now retire multi millionaires from relatively short political careers and earn in retirement a pension that is as much as ten times (or over $200,000 per year) the standard annual pension rate (which is only $21,694). In other words Australia could support upwards of ten pensioners for the cost of only one politician, made worse by the younger retirement age of politicians and their extra benefits. Christopher Pyne at 51 years old and he isn’t the youngest retiring, will receive the minimum equivalent of 290 years worth of the pension if he only lives to the average age of 82.5, and that seems unlikely.

Most if not all politicians will retire well short of the mandatory 67 years of age (soon to be 70 years of age). This age has been set by the same politicians that don’t hold themselves to the same standards.

Further, you upon reaching retirement age, will be subjected to a means test to determine your financial situation and whether or not you are poor enough to receive a pension or any support’  the same rules don’t apply to retired politicaians. Is that fair ?

Tens of millions of dollars of tax payer funds are spent annually to support retired purposeless politicians, where this money could be spent much more wisely, and should be.

Today, most participants in the election process believe that those they vote into office, do not represent the values of those that voted for them. Obviously, this belief is hard to argue with when pension and superannuation benefits to politicians are so substantial. It is little wonder that retirement benefits to Australian politicians is considered the most generous in the OECD.

Clearly paying politicians more has not created better politicians, as Australia would not today be in the diminished state it is. We need to encourage politicians to want to represent our values and not their own personal financial growth.

Paying them more has not worked !



The principal petitiner asks that all politicians, past present, and future:

1: Be means tested in accordance with the current standards set by the politicians for all Australians.

2: Be age tested in accordance with the standards set by the politicians for all Australians.

3: Have their pensions and superannuation taxed and assessed in accordance with the standards set for all Australians and without any loopholes.

4: On retirement, have all taxpayer funded benefits cease.


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