Stop the Govt spending almost $50m on commemorating Cooks first Voyage!

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The government has allocated $48.7 million over four years to commemorate the 250th anniversary of James Cook’s first voyage to Australia. A gross amount of money to commemorate an event that most Australians are not particularly proud of and is harmful to many members of our community. 

The package, detailed in the budget, will support events and exhibitions including a digital platform and educational material for the anniversary. If you believe this funding would be better used elsewhere like I do, then sign this petition to give that message to the government!

Part of the funding will be allocated to A multi-million dollar journey of the Endeavour to mark Captain James Cook's first voyage to Australia in 1770 and will “improve public understanding of the historical event” according to outgoing Prime Minister Scott Morrison, like we don’t all know what happened.

Mr Morrison initially referred to the voyage as a "re-enactment", but later clarified that he was only referring to the ship "retracing" Captain Cook's course along Australia's east coast. Someone should probably tell him that Cook did not actually circumnavigate Australia.