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AUSTRALIA has declared war on many animals as pests and feral. It uses a variety of virus Bio Warfare and 1080 poison among a range of other new poisons recently approved by APVMA. Bio Warfare using virus is dangerous as it mutates and changes host.... and 1080 poison is banned throughout the world except here and in New Zealand. All these methods of control cause slow, agonising deaths, over an extended period of time....  Laws prevent members of the public from causing undue pain to animals and killing an animal in an inhumane painful way and yet our government  allows it to happen as a method of controlling animals deemed pests in Australia.  Please join with me in calling for a total rethink in Australia for development of more humane methods of control and a cessation of current cruel methods of control such as 1080 , Protect our Apex Predator Dingo  : Support our Rally on 23 rd February  2019 in Perth at 10 am in front of Parliament :