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I think by now most people in the nation are aware that Centrelink is being badly abused by certain families, especially ones which contain multiple wives (often under Islamic law, but NOT exclusively).

This is a serious crime and needs to be stopped immediately. Not only are they breaking Australian laws (which only allow for one wife), but any Muslims guilty of this are also breaking Islamic law which stipulates a man may only take additional wives if HE is able to materially provide for them equally. Relying on a nation's welfare system to provide for one's family is in clear conflict with that law.

I therefore propose the following actions:

- A formal and thorough investigation be commenced to identify families currently receiving Centrelink payments that contain a single father and multiple mothers.

- A secondary investigation to identify which of those families are likely to be defrauding Centrelink. This part of the investigation may require access to Islamic marriage records held in Australia. If those records are not readily accessible, any entities withholding that information should be compelled to assist the investigation as required.

- A systematic and sudden discontinuation of any Centrelink payments to, and seizure of bank accounts and valuable assets owned by families solidly suspected of defrauding Centrelink.

- Revoking of Australian citizenship (where possible) for those accused.

- Seized funds and assets used to purchase one-way plane tickets for the accused family back to their country of origin. Any remaining funds to be contributed towards the benefit of Australia's underprivileged children.

- The express ban on deported families from ever returning to Australia for any reason.

- A limit to the number of people who are eligible for Centelink payments in a single family should be introduced to prevent people from continuing to abuse the system. This limit should be subject to the amount of income tax already contributed by the parents, who may genuinely fall upon hard times. Food/utility cards (which can't be sold) are also an option worth enacting to ensure welfare funds provided to families are not abused.

The above measures may seem harsh and difficult to enact. However, it is essential to the sustainability of our welfare system that they do occur as quickly and effectively as possible. Or do our politicans plan to continually increase tax, raise the retirement age and cut pensions for our decent, hardworking Australians? I wish I was in a position to carry these measures out myself, but as a dual-citizen, I am unable to stand for political office. As such, I greatly hope for the success of this petition and with tremendous luck, a politician in power will champion this challenging proposal and bring it to fruition.

Many thanks to all who sign and share this petition.


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